Friday, July 21, 2006

Another one coming up !!

The time on my system clock says 8:19 PM.
It's a Friday .. and I have undoubtably hit all time low in terms of spirits.
The approaching weekend is getting on my nerves. I have absolutely no plans for this weekend .. exactly like I had no plans for the weekend before this, and the one before that .. and one before that .. before that .. before that ..

If I had been in hyderabad, I would have things to do .. but somehow .. bangalore does not seem to be offering the same excitement that I had hoped for. Weekdays make me sick and weekends make me crave for that sickness.

And it's not as though, I have'nt tried to do stuff ..
I did try for a language course .. but then .. I could not find a class .. I find all one to one tutions .. Which is probably the most boring way to learn a foreign language. I Have joined a gym ( yeah yeah .. laugh all you want .. I am not thin anymore and I need to shed some weight now .. And since I am on the topic .. Gyming does'nt make you fitter .. it only makes your arms hurt and makes you sleepy all day. ) .. but then .. gym is only 30 mints a day .. and not really the high point of my day.

Work-wise, I have decided to space out my remaining work .. I have a small thing left to do which has to be spread out over 10 days .. so that I have something to do for all 10 days .. otherwise I will be just idle for 9 of these days .. and GOD help me then ..

Basically My Life sucks here ..
Intrestingly .. I thought I will not grumble anymore .. but just could not stop myself from doing it today ..


Blogger Manoj said...

why don't you post .... about how helpful the friends of Hyderabad have been by forwarding the mails of their weekend plans :P

10:51 PM  
Blogger Sreejith said...

spirits are low? try turning to the other kind of spirits :P And please stop crying. Trust you me, there are so many people out there who live through the 5-2 week, week in and week out.

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Rakesh said...

Coming to Hyderabad for the week of 12-15th ? Aa ja we will go to Sri Sailam in Bike ..

1:34 PM  
Blogger Utkarsh Khare said...

@ manoj ..
saale frustoo .. jalana jaruri tha ??
@unni ,
yeah .. it's kind of soothing to know that there are others just like you who have similar lives .. but i don't think that the thought makes my life any better ..
@rakesh ,
yes .. yes .. yes .. me coming ..
( you might want to picture me sticking my tongue out like a dog while saying that above statement )

12:49 PM  

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