Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Gangs of IIIT

Long long time ago there used to be a little innocent boy .. Untouched by greed and desires .. unspoilt by the unholy will to rule them all .. unfazed by people telling him to kill to survive. And then, he walked into IIIT Hyderabad and life has never been the same for him. He took to violence like a fish to sea. A usp was to be his starter and sniper his daily meal.
He became member of a gang and became a part of the mob. Today, as he reminisces over the long hours of Counter strike in lab 5 .. he wonders how different the life would have been without that usp headshot or the sniper kill .. Satiates you like nothing else.
Ok .. enough melodrama for one post .. people have already told me that dramatics does not suit me ..
There were other gangs too .. and with pretty nice and innovative names .. :D ..
RAskullz .. pretty interesting group of guys .. awesome clan .. great team spirit and an awesome sniper in PlaiBoi .. practically threw us out of the CS tourney single-handedly .. still remember shooting chaos from the CS side of the bridge with a sniper when he jumped in air at the T-side to look at our side .. :D .. anyway .. we lost that game .. but not without a fight .. :)
JEdI .. group of second years .. nice gang with a secret weapon .. we almost lost to them because of him .. you see .. this weapon was named "Goooonzan" .. now tell me, how are you supposed to play CS with all seriousness when you see a name like that on top of your enemies head .. We laughed our asses off everytime this guy came within our shooting range .. and the end result was a frag for their team .. :D
another clan we player against was the M. Techs .. codenamed Pandavs :D .. we became their kauravas .. except that we screwed them biig time .. ok .. exaggeration .. but we did do pretty well against them .. thanks to our secret weapon .. jayaram :D ..
as for our own gang .. we were called undecided .. not because we could not decide on a name .. just that we figured out that we were always undecided about what to do when the game started .. everybody just thought of a random path to reach the opposite team and get killed .. the randomness algorithm was never the same for any two games for the same player .. we were good at it .. :D .. I led from the front .. figuring out the bizzarest way yo reach the opposite team and was the first frag for them (almost always .. :) .. unless jayaram intervened ..

Anyway .. gone are the good old days of fighting over the frags and simple pleasures of a usp headshot .. a deagle kill and 5 frags in a game ..

miss college .. miss CS ...


Anonymous Sp4cE said...

rofl :D
and yeah me too miss CS... :(

1:21 PM  
Anonymous sam said...

lets play CS this weekend. whatsay?

1:33 PM  
Anonymous raheja said...

Guys, i will be there in hyd this weekend, so lets have a boom boom in Aztec, wht say???

4:29 PM  
Blogger ironhide said...

anyone remember the game in which imran jumped off the bridge after throwing the grenade and landed on hard ground just in time to have the grenade explode near him?

4:43 PM  

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