Monday, March 06, 2006


A Clear sky, looked as though it was about to rain. It was about four in the afternoon. The neighborhood was not as noisy as it usualy was during other days at this time.
A small boy opens the small rusty gate that leads to a stone pavement. The small plants on the side of the pavement never interested him. He did'nt ever notice the red and green flowers because they appeared more like a wild growth than a result of hours of hard work. Of course, he was too young to appreciate the hard work that went into it. He would appreciate only the beautiful things in life, even if the ugly things scream about the toiling hours of tending and care. He picks up a flower, noticing from the corner of his eye that his mother or grandmother were not around. Even the wild flowers were not to be plucked, so taught his parents and grand parents. But this was a special occasion .. He had just finished eating two dal parathas at affectionate neighbours house (something which his grandma never appreciated) and having already commited one grave sin, this one seemed meagre in comparison.
His elder brother came out and took him by surprise. But instead of the usual bully look, he was smiling at his younger sibling. They both knew what that smile meant. His elder brother plucks another flower and they start counting the number of peatls in each. The rules were simple, the winner is the person with more petals in his flower. You were supposed to close your eyes and pick out your choice of flower and then the battle royale began. Of course,there was always a prize, the looser had to get water for the winner at the dinner table.
After the best of three rounds, they decide that they have had enough of childish games and they move out to see the lads playing cricket outside in the small ground outside. The elder brother was always the better one at analyzing the game and he had taught him well. On a few lucky days, when no one else was home, they would get to join the guys in the field so that the elder brother can showcase his extra ordinary batting and fielding abilities and the younger can demonstrate his crying abilities.
Anyway, today was not the lucky day that they had hoped and they had to demonstrate the spectating abilites more than anything else. It was just about beginning to rain now and the light drizzle made watching the game more enjoyable. From somewhere he heard a faint female voice calling his name, and turns around to see his mother ... time for them to go in and join the family for the evening snack. Although unhappy at being forced to miss out the thrilling finish to the game, he consoles himself with the thought of food inside the house. A small Pomeranian dog jumps in joy at the sight of him. The dog was his best friend, other than the elder brother and the guys at home. The big family finally settles down around the small snack table, and as the senior males munch on the political and economic problems of the country the senior females munch over the politics and economy of getting a new maid in the house. He need not worry about all that ... he has many years to go before he has to worry about the budget, maids, salary, house, vehicle and other such problems.
Nothing much had really HAPPENED that day .. but it still was a happy day.

Suddenly he wakes up .. and it's eighteen years later .. he smiles over the dream he had last night .. about his childhood .. his carefree times .. his untroubled life.
Having thought about it for five minutes, he finally throws his quilt to the side .. wakes up in a alien room, thatz not his but is rented. He talks to his room mates for about five minutes before two of them head off to work and the third one continues to grumble in sleep about his late hours of sleep. He takes bath .. gets ready .. and takes off on his bike in search of yet another bookmark of a day .. something that he will remember for the rest of his life .. but somewhere deep deep down he knows that today's just going to be just like any other day at work.


Blogger Kunal said...

Change a few details and this could be my story...
Beautifully written

4:08 PM  
Blogger Maddy said...

Awesome post dude !!

4:26 PM  
Anonymous raheja said...

A wonderful post, aisa laga khare ki bhavna mere bagal main bethi hain :D

7:39 PM  
Blogger paresh said...

i have started to write comments and cut them 4 times now. I just cant get words to describe how i feel so i'll fallback to the age old cliches - fundoo post - even though i know that these words dont do justice to what you've managed to convey.

11:17 PM  
Blogger Utkarsh Khare said...

@kunal , maddy,
Thaq dudes .. urgent replies indicate no work at office :) .. blogging indicates hopelessly bored at office :)
@raheja ,
bhai .. meri bhavna lauta de .. kab tak rakhega apne paas :D
@parry ,
I have also deleted three responses to your comment .. so I'll also fall back to the age old cliches :D .. thanx a lot ..

5:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

stfu u goatse

1:55 PM  

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