Thursday, July 07, 2005

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15 days into the training and i have realized the true purpose of such trainings. It is pretty much same as first few classes at college. Here too we have people from different backgrounds, some are ECE, some EEE and some IT majors and the proficiency with which they deal with computer related subjects varies. I believe, these classes are meant to bring everyone at same level. We, CSE B.Techs, are expected to be good at everything they are teaching and though some of what they teach appears stupid, the other classes are eye openers. Most of our energy in the classes is spent trying to keep our eyes open and rest is drained off in playing pinball and solitaire. But some others have found better ways to keep themselves awake, which means sending netsends to the whole workgroup which means the entire project team under training ( 34 people ). And with grls also trying their hands at the utility, some guys have more than one reason to spam our screens. Some of these guys ( the second variety ) happen to be seated pretty close to me and I can't miss noticing the expression on their face whenever they send the supposably "humorous" messages. I personally think they are trying too hard to impress the girls .. but whatever .. their life .. their keyboards .. but dammit .. my monitor.
Aneway .. the only good time of the day is the lunch hour. We used to get pretty good food when we used to go to mahabalipuram for training, but now since the training has shifted to Mylapore .. the food is'nt that good. But aneway, free food is always welcome. The coffee break is also ok ok, but Coffee with no snacks is like watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. without Chandler .. tasteless.
Most of the people in the project group are pretty talented. Most probably the assessment tomorrow will bring out the silent performer. As for me, I am least bothered about the test. Dont' know why, but now the tests are not scary to me .. may be college hangover. :D
Other than that, did'nt get to explore Chennai much since the last time I posted about it ..but from what I see .. it's pretty well planned .. lots of tree cover. But the problem here is the ugly traffic. It's a mix of the traffic I saw in Kanpur and Delhi. In Kanpur, on any 100 mt. stretch you are bound to bump into atleast 5 people and no apologies are expected and none given. In Delhi, If you come within 5 mts of even touching a car, while on a bike, the owner will jump out of his car and thrash you to hell. Here, You are bound to bump into 5 people and all 5 will atleast give you the look as if everything is your fault. Somehow the Autowalas here seem to be James Bond relatives .. they drive the autos like 007 drove his car. But ofcourse, every now and then ... even they too get the look.
Aneway .. It's about time I go back to home now . dinner must be ready ..


Blogger SRILAXMI said...

hey!! how was the test anyway? and nice post, left me with a smile on my face (as usual.....)

10:55 AM  
Blogger Rakesh said...

abe training kab khatm ho rahi hai teri ??

aur haan wish me luck for my trainings :) waise humdono ko liye ek buri bat hai .. ab test khud se padh ke clear karne padenge :)

waise one good news .. mote ki didi is going to States...

chal c you ..

waise lagta hai ek mail hi compose kar deta .. this doesn't look like a comment .. but chalta hai ...

12:29 PM  
Blogger nomadic_waves said...

Stumbled upon ur blog,found da childhood snaps cute,felt nostalgic.

5:57 PM  
Anonymous Sreejith said...

posting abt us.. hmmmm. Dont write too much or u can get in trouble... esp bcos we happen to wrestle these days ;))

6:20 PM  
Blogger Archana said...

FRee food whether stolen or rotten or whatever is always welcome? Aiyyo are you sooo "foodless"???

1:37 PM  
Anonymous shilpi sharma said...

saw ur comment on my blog.U like Chandler so much? isn't that a bit unusual?but, the Bond thing was very funny.

6:18 AM  
Blogger sandeep said...

wt is this yaar..8:37 tak office mein bethega to kaise chalega...anyways..howzz chennai..i hope u r not getting any lang problems ;)) ..

3:00 PM  
Blogger Abhinav said...

hey Utkarsh,
hows life goin up in Chennai? i keep visiting ur blog to know abt how r u doin. i'm pretty well here... holidays r on...this is the summer training period...then last yr left that wil b too emotional i guess..... keep mailing yaar..taka care..bye

3:38 PM  

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