Saturday, May 07, 2005

What am I doing these days .. ??

Been a really long time since I posted something here .. And knowing my love for the blogs I find it a little strange that I have been able to keep myself away from the blogs for so long. But things have their limits and " I must Blog " because I love blogging.

Ok, It has been a long time and I have been through a lot of things since the last time I posted. I left college, for one. Was tough, leaving behind so many people whom I knew I would never see for the rest of my life. People like Abhinav, Kunal, Vidit, Sunny would, who had been my close friends all through the four years .. and I would not get to see their faces frequently again ( Yippie !!! ) .. Aneway .. we would stay in touch through mails and blogs ( ?? ) .. Kunal has been updating his blog pretty frequenly .. so has jaya and sunny .. so I get to know about them and what has been going on in their lives. Too senti .. well that was a phase that lasted for about 5 days .. and I guess I am over it now ( Think so .. )

The next thing that happened was the stupid train journey from Hyderabad to Gorakhpur. The journey till Bhopal was fine .. I and Poppy had confirmed tickets and We slept for most of the time .. except for the time when the "Guruji" sitting next to us decided to "educate" us .. Poppy left early .. he has his limits and can't take it beyond a point .. but I had no berth to escape to and "guruji" was using mine to deliver his discourse. Aneway ... he went on and on and on and on .. about "hindutva" and "hinduism"( sounds familiar ?? ) .. and then about gujrat and Andhra and then about UP .. and then about the "Brahmin" caste as such .. for the purpose of National Integrity I would not delve into the details of his discourse .. but after a point I actually had to ask him to "SHUT UP" .. he was getting far too vocal and aggresive against a particular community and I hate it when people target a particular community just to gain audience .. Aneway .. things ended then and guruji was silent for most of the remaining journey except a few mumblings here and there. The journey after Bhopal was far less entertaining because I and Poppy weere seated next to a Family with four small childred .. Was 14 hours of HELL .. Aneway .. Got down at the station at 1:00 AM but that was not before Poppy had lost his Shoes at Kanpur station.

After the train journey things were good .. I was at home .. things were being cooked .. schedules were being altered .. relatives were coming over to the house .. "especially for me" .. but that too ended .. and mom announced one fine day that we had to go over to Lucknow for my second cousin's marrige .. I hate attending marriges .. basically because there are so many elders over there .. and all of them shower tooooo much of the "eldrely love" .. Every time they see me .. they feel it's their birth right to feed me .. to enquire about my studies .. my job prospects .. and now they found a NEW topic .. my Marrige .. the kind of Girl I would be interested in .. I was in no mood to oblige to all this .. but I had little choice .. and since not many of my cousins could make it to the function except two two-year olds .. I was the sole target of all the pampering .. And what's more .. there were so many people over there at the marrige whom I did'nt know .. mom told me later that they were from my cousin's mother's side ( I was from my cousin's father's side .. excuse me here .. but I am a little weak in relations ) .. At various points during the three days I was there .. I was asked my opinion about girls from that family ( which I absolutely hated ) .. and then at a point I was pushed into a room filled with grls so that I could "get to know them better" as per my Taiji .. those of you who know me well enough would understand my situation at being pushed into the room .. it was'nt just a room .. it was a room filled with grls .. girls who were giggling and ... laughing .. and looking at me as though I am a freshman and they were seniors .. aneway .. one of them was nice enough to introduce me to the rest of them .. and as I got to know them better .. I really started liking them .. they were fun people .. but eventually the worst happened .. my Bua told me that she will talk to dad about one of the grls in the group .. and then the nervousness began to set in .. and that was it .. I stayed away from the group for the rest of the function and told my bua that she was too young for either Bhaiya or me .. ( nice excuse .. is'nt it ) .. Strangely .. Bua seemed to appreciate my concern for Bhaiya .. and said " Ohh yeah .. we have to look for some girl for Paritosh too " .. That was it .. no more marrige talk .. Yippie !!

After the function I went with Mom as she wanted to visit this Future teller ( she has enormous faith in these guys ) with dad and he told her that I have a girl in my life and I would opt for love marrige over arranged marrige .. and some related stuff .. To my surprise she seemed to be considering the option seriously .. I thanked Panditji as I was leaving and he had no idea why I was doing that .. Aneway dad knows about Shivani and I would tell mom as soon as it's required .. I want to be soemthing substantial in Life before I can ask for such a big favour from family.

After the function there has been a lull in the activities at home ... Nothing much to do here .. Except eat, watch TV and sleep .. and I have been doing all three of them quite religiouly .. Strangely I have made a habit to get up early here .. that's 8:00 AM by my body clock and my mom still says that I am always late in getting up .. I don't really want to tell her my schedule at college :D .. Aneway .. it's lunch time at home .. and if I don't report back in 5 minz my mom will Kill me .. Time to go ..

why do I always have to end blogs like emails ??


Blogger Archana said...

Wow...that sure was fun! One guy in an all girls room :))!! Match makings usually happen during weddings...I'm lucky that I cannot attend any weddings. All that pampering makes one feel like a stuffed soft toy. Enjoy watching TV, sleeping and eating cos soon u'll be missing that too :P

4:31 PM  
Anonymous playboi said...

hmm .. why dont u try the much used thing ..

anyway ... dnt forget to call me .. i am always in to meet old frnds and free food and now free booze also :D

5:11 PM  
Blogger Vocamania said...

Hi Utkarsh,
Nice to see your interest for blogging !!!


4:52 PM  
Blogger pradeep said...

oye, jaldi shaadi karle...mujhe gorakhpur dekhna hain. and I pity you for being worried when alone with so many gals. kuch to kiya hota...

8:35 PM  
Anonymous Kunal said...

Hi khare,
nice going with all the girls.. :D

8:29 AM  
Blogger gAMe said...

Hmmmm...gud goin buddy .... well ne chance of visiting IIIT within a month

7:35 PM  
Blogger SHAIK of Hyderabad said...

"Get out of there it's gonna blow!!"

3:21 AM  

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