Friday, April 08, 2005

The Last exam ... + The long lost friend + Google ROX

Examination -> Technically the examinations are over .. Only the Bioinformatics lab test is left .. I am in no mood to study for that .. so I said "Technically" .. and also "practially" the examinations are over .. Today's Exam was my attempt to fill the 12 pages of Answer script with no sense words. I tried hard for about 8 pages but by then .. I was soo tired that I gave up. I had finished one question .. out of the two and the other one ( though on my favourite topic ), required too much writing for me to even think about it. Gandhi and Savarkar are a thingof the past and writing about them now, in every STS examination has become a boredom. Rahgu already knows what our thoughts are on them ( same question last mid sem ), why doesn't he just grade us at those answer. Aneway .. I tried for 2 pages .. but gave up after that. Others just went on and on and on. I wonder how much energy they have. Aneway I filled 8 pages .. that should get me a A- ..
Aneway I am not looking for a grade here .. I am looking to pass .. and you can't fail in STS .. that is one thing I know for sure.
Aneway .. this was the last time I was writing in a IIIT - Hyderabad answer script. It's about time this happened .. I am NOT nostaligic about the scripts now .. Never had any close relation with them aneway .. it's just that this was the last examination and the technically, we are done. Done with college life.

Friend -> she gave me her scrap book yesterday at night. The plan was actually to go for a walk .. but she cancelled it .. saying that since I have an exam .. I should be studying .. hmm .. been three and a half years and still does'nt know me well enough :D .. She is leaving tomorrow evening .. I have no idea what I should be writing in the book .. people have gone on for pages about how they feel about her .. but me .. I seriously am at a loss of words when it comes to her .. I don't want it to seem like that I dont' feel anything for her .. and at the same time I don't know what I should write .. This kind of thing rarely happens to me .. normally I always know how I feel about a specific individual .. but she is different .. I want to tell her to be less outspoken, more trusting and more feminine .. but .. I can't blame her for being outspoken .. I am outspoken .. I can't advice her to be more trusting .. I don't trust people easily myself .. I can't ask her to be forgiving .. I don't forgive easily ... She is sooo much like me .. Probably what I can ask her to do is to try to be "un-like" me .. that would help her .. and also may be she can try to be a bit more feminine .. she is like the Jeon Ji-hyun in "My Sassy Girl" ( Rakesh reminded me of the similarities ) .. only if I could write something ..

Google -> I have finally been able to convince Google that I am important enough a personality and a brand name in myself. I had a record breaking 70 billion dollar deal with them .. they apologized for their mistake and said that from now on .. every query for "utkarsh khare" would feature my blog/homepage as the first link .. I know you won't believe me .. so try it yourself
Click here for the search Hence forth .. they have promised that any instance of a search string containg "utkarsh khare" ..not returning my blog/homepage ..would be compensated with 20 billion dolars each time. So If you come across any such occurence .. kindly be nice enough to send me the screenshot and the query string .. your efforts shall be monetarily compensated ... Thank You ..


Blogger ironhide said...

khare..heard of google bombing??
since I have already proven my superiority as a SEO...I am now trying to start google bombing..believe me its not so tough..

where would you like a search for utkarsh khare to lead to? the asylum for mentally deranged in deitrich germany??

5:52 PM  
Anonymous parry said...

Nice !!

Btw the first 5 or so links are about u.

Someone should google bomb one of our secys. here !!

1:29 PM  
Blogger pradeep said... that you have achieved this put a link to in your page and since you have to study for bio exam do it after the exam :D

1:35 PM  

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