Saturday, March 12, 2005

Last 20 days .. ainnn ??

OH MY GOD .. If it was a torpedo that struck Jayaram, I am probably struck with a nuclear bomb . Just 20 days, and now it's only 19. F%$# you Jaya for the stupid blog .. I am not visiting your blog ever again. Why do you have to write such depressing posts ..


just 19 .. ??

I never thought I would be saying this .. but I don't want to leave college ..
Too depressed to write about it now .. probably more on "What has IIIT done to me" Crap in the next post .. only 19 ?? .. someone please invent a time machine .. fast ..
F**K you Jaya .. If this is the answer to your name not featuring in the video more often .. it has achieved more that the video deserved ..
Henceforth you are branded as an insensitive .. Courtsey -> Brand Manager


Blogger Archana said...

Meetu??!!!! :))
Really sad that only 20 days more in college...People come and people go, but the show does not stop. I will be leaving too in June.....but such is life!! Cheer up and enjoy these days to the maximum!! :)

8:25 PM  

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