Thursday, March 31, 2005

Farewell - 05

It's all done with. Only the formality of examinations remain. No more classes. No more attendance. No more Professors. No more College. We are about to step in to the REAL world now. In some ways, this is supposed to be a good thing. I mean, this is what we have been waiting for ever since we first came across a computer. This is what we were groomed for, for four years. And now, as we are about to do what we always wanted to, we feel confident, we feel happy.
but If this is such a good thing, why do I feel that I am going to miss something. I didn't feel a thing when I left school, may be because I always knew that I am going to be in touch with school friends through some way or the other. But this time, it's different. Even though I know, that we are going to be in touch, it's not going to be the same. No more of the over night BC sessions, no more bunking classes to play Games, no more of the BOYish stuff. We are expected to be MEN now, people who have responsibilities. In some ways, this transition from BOYS to MEN isn't as natural as I had expected. I mean today I am, just a student, protected from the world, over pampered by my parents, looked after by sooo many people .. and just three months later I will be expected to be the person who looks after others. It's kind of like what Ross said when he realized that he is going to be a father " I always knew that I am going to have a baby ... I just didn't realize that the baby is going to have me " .. Always thought that was funny .. unless it hit me . this is ME ... this is US .. we have to grow up and live up to the expectations of our parents and college and everyone around us.
The Farewell party last night was FUN. The juniors had planned it really well and hats off to them for putting up the wonderful show. The "draupadi swayambar" was really great ... as was the award distribution ceremony to our batch mates. The categories being .. "Beat tutor" .. "Best male couple" .. "Most handsome guy" .. "Most beautiful girl" .. "Miss Male" .. "Best Ragger" .. etc etc etc .. was good .. I got nominated in "Best male couple" ( ha ha ) with Roxy .. And really I was out of place there . I mean .. Roxy and Bansi have been a couple for as long as I can remember. They spend nights "talking" to each other .. they spend "quality time" with each other at restraunts .. they even don't mind "sleeping" on each other's beds .. ( tooo much information ??? ) .. It's Okkkk ..But .. WHY GOD .. WHY ME ?? .. Thankfully we didn't win .. would have been even more embarrassing.
Last night, the best part was the speeches, Adi's was senti .. Imran's was hilarious .. Dean's was awesome .. PJN's was mesmerising .. And the starting words from Khurana reminded me of the time we used to put in so much thoughts into sending the mails to the students about Amalgam and Felicity. It really did pay off. And the words from PJN "Thanx for proving us wrong about your capabilities" .. really made us feel happy .. The formal part of the ceremony was mostly blurry as we kept shouting on the top of our voices. Except during the speeches. Mallik had the guts to sing again. Piyush was as great as ever. He has become like Sachin. Great things are always expected of him. And he has never let us down. Whenver he has taken the mike in his hand he has given us memorable performances. I remember the "Aee mere vatan ke logon" during Felicity distinctly because that was the time I realized what a great singer he is. I even remember him singing during the failed Rock band performance during our first year. That was great too. The Rock band, that had come with all the preparations, didn't perform because of sound adjustment problems. Piyush took the mike in his hands and mesmerised us all with "Some guys have all the luck". That really was one hell of a performance. Other than the usual stuff, the candle lighting ceremony was fun. Dean just kept pointing out something or the other about almost everyone. Showering praises at deserving students and pulling some people's legs. The function was fun and we enjoyed it to the maxim.
After that, the group photograph sessions followed. We had snaps taken with almost all our friends. I had the greatest urge yesterday to make up with a couple of people with whom I have had a fight during the past four years and some with whom I am still not on talking terms. But just couldn't make it. Rakesh's words "Some things that started here in college should better be left behind in college and once we graduate we should stay together as a batch with no unhappy memories" kept ringing in my ears. I will do it .. Definitely .. enough is enough .. I am just looking for the right moment ..:D ..
Parivesh asked me mid way through the formal part of the ceremony "Ro raha hai kya ??" and I replied with misty eyes " nahin.. rounga kyun ?? ". He knew . I knew .. everyone knew .. this is it .. the end of college life and the beginning of Professional Life. Boys to Men .. Are we ready to face the world .. ohh hell YEAH ..


Blogger Kunal said...

Awesome post Khare,
I specially remember Zulu telling us to smile when we went on stage for the candle. All of us were climbing the stage with heavy hearts, and there he was making each of us smile..
I know we'll remain in touch, but it would be not the same as hanging out together for hours.
And sorry, I won't pretend to remember you, coz it is awfully hard to forget an "item" like you.. :D

10:48 PM  
Blogger Archana said...

Best one I've come across....
The transition has almost come to an end. Look forward to a wonderful life in the 'real' world. All I can wish is the best of luck in a new life..

1:45 PM  
Blogger Abhinav said...

Hey, Utkarsh....Well its me Abhinav Bhatnagar from Lucknow. Just read about your farewell. Yes, i know you'll be having a strange feeling. Even i'm going to face it next year.
Anyway, i thought posting a comment here would be a nice way to be in touch with you. I've sent you so many sms and mails earlier but u didnt replied.I even left many messages for you on , but coudnt get in touch with you.
Looks like you've really forgotten your FIITJEE friends. Please do keep in touch. And do mail to me, at I shall be waiting for our mail.
Take Care.....Abhinav(Hasina)

9:58 PM  
Blogger Utkarsh Khare said...

Kunal ,
Thanx man ..

Archu ,
Thanx ... :)

Abhinav ,
Thanx for dropping by on the blog .. I've already sent you a mail about 5 minz back .. apologies for the late response .. ;)) .. but you know how I am .. but be sure about speedier responses next time on .. going home on April 16th .. c ya

2:28 PM  
Anonymous ias said...

nice one khare... btw i added ur blog url to mine...

3:28 AM  

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