Thursday, February 17, 2005

Page 3 -> Movie Review

"Kitne ajeeb rishte hain yahaan pe ..
do pal milte hain .. saath saath chalte hain ...
jab mod aaye to bach ke nikalte hain ..
kitne ajeeb rishte hain yahan pe"

It was a nice movie. We all, lesser mortals, wonder all the time about what is Page 3 life actually like. After seeing the movie, one thing is for sure .. most of us won't fit in there. Acting wise, all have given a so so performance other than the "vinayak Mane" Character ( Atul Kulkarni ) and the guy who portrayed the off beat dutyfull Police officer ( Upyendra Limaye ) .. nothing much to write about there .. but rather than the story and the direction of the movie .. what I liked about the movie was the theme. It tells us, hopefully the truth, about the life of Page 3 Socialites. The rich and famous as they are called, are famous at a price. The power play, the affection and the fake sympathy .. all only to remain in the party circle and more importantly, on Page 3.
Konkana Sensharma ( got her name now ) gives a wonderful performance, trying to explore the world of these elite personalities as a Page 3 journalist, and her first hand experiences make her regret her decision to do this.
Good movie, but only if you have time on hand and/or you are extremely bored.


Blogger Archana said...

Always liked Konkana after I watched her in "Mr. and Mrs. Iyer"...she potrayed her character very well..and so did Rahul Bose. They dont have enough exposure though they have tremendous talent. Page 3 is another movie that I would like to catch up on this march. I just hope that it stays in the theatres until then.
Meanwhile...keep reviewing on movies so that I can decide which ones to watch!

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