Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Veer Zaara

Claassic .. Classic .. Classic .. I don't think I have seen a more romantic movie. Some people told me that the second half of the movie was boring, but I think I found the second half was more interesting. The court room scene was the best. The scene where Sharukh senses Preity Zinta's presence in the court, was awesome as was the scene where
Rani Mukherjee reaches shahrukh's village and sees Preity there. I kind of sensed that something like this would happen, but Yash Chopra can make an awesome scene out of a normal hindi film formula scene. Yash Chopra has a knack for making the simplest of scenes seem like a remake of DDLJ. The poetry at the end from Shahrukh was just as awesome .. just showed how deep was in his thoughts. He poured out his thoughts, his feelings that he had hidden for the past 22 years. I have never seen a more emotional scene not even K3G. Yash Chopra ROX .. :)


Blogger ironhide said...

well i thought the movie was okie okie..
the last court room scene was over melo dramatic

well different people different choices

2:48 PM  

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