Monday, October 25, 2004

A Pair of Blue Eyes - Thomas Hardy

Definately the best novel I have ever read. I have been reading mysteries and science fictions so much that I almost forgot a romantic vein in my body :). But This one has brought it all back. Hardy is a true Genius. He has managed to show pure unadulterated love in a wonderful manner. The same story line would have looked awfull from anyone else, but then .. not everyone can write Romance. Elfride's character has been beautifully potrayed in the novel, and her innocence is almost visible to the reader.
Don't know what part of the novel has the thought crept into my mind, but it seems, that her true love was Harry. Stephen was, as Harry said, a young girl's fancy .. not her true love. I wonder if that is the case normally :) .. A rather fiting end, considering the mess that was created once Harry turned her down in London.
And the closing lines from Harry were the best. Probably meant more than what appears on the face value.


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